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Of all the task managers I looked at I like Taskwise the most, I use it with my iphone and my PC. It's nice to have up to date info with me all the time.
Bob Rassmussen,  Auto Colour Inc

I wish I could do more to promote Taskwise. It's the simplicity that makes it such a valuable tool for daily task management.
Julia Brent, personal user

I tried practically every to-do list and contact management software out there. By far the features and user interface of Taskwise are the best in the market.
Tom Lyman, Marketing Consultant

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Phil Aspden, Summer Houses

Organisational Change Consultant

We use Taskwise to keep track of our work when our consultants often work remotely, and we demonstrate it to clients who want to achieve High Performance Working. The best thing about Taskwise is its simplicity. It does what we need it to do & doesn't get in the way. Many other systems fall into disuse because of their complexity for the user - this doesn't. People are motivated to use it & that is the best endorsement of all

Paul Pryce, Addictive Music

Arts Services Charity

We run a non profit company providing art services to schools; we generally have 10 - 15 projects in different stages of completion. We used to use an excel sheet to organise each project, which was a visual nightmare. We have been using Taskwise for 6 months, at a glance I can now view where I am on each project and what needs to be done, I can delegate to my organisers and everyone is on the same page. I simply couldn't live without it now.

Adam Robinson, Plus Minus Design

Product Design Consultancy

At Plus Minus Design, Taskwise is used to organise diverse teams of designers and experts across the world from one UK location. Project briefs and specific task areas are defined, assigned with relevant information to suitable designers and monitored with task completion feedback used to updated project management software. This allows us to run complex projects in multiple locations for global clients with low overheads.

Helder Molina, Buena Suerte

Hispanic News Publications

We use Taskwise to manage our agenda for all department meetings and to follow up on both short term and long term items and projects. We also use it to organize, prioritize and share our tasks with other users within different groups in our business, and between employees and managers in different departments.

Benjamin Miller, President GZM Web

Web Development

Our core business is contract programming. I use task wise to keep track of todo items as they come in. It allows me to jot a note on something and move onto the next item quickly and then come back and organize my daily schedule and the schedule of the team members at GZM. My favorite feature is the indentation and grouping of items under a task. Often a task will involve something like Do X but X has a number of sub tasks, being able to organize and think through all sub tasks makes it easier to complete X.

Deepak Khullar, KRSNA Property Solutions

Property Management & Sales

We use taskwise as a maintenance list for our property business, basically we needed a shared list where we can enter property details and users within the company can view and update progress on any property maintenance jobs that are open. As the tool is on line this provides us with a huge benefit and also allows multiple users from anywhere to make updates.

Craig West, Blacka Acoustics

Sound System Design

We run a a sound system installation company with 5 technicians on the road at all times. My guys all use iphones so Taskwise has become an invaluable tool for scheduling their work and generally staying on top of the things they need to accomplish on a daily basis.