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How to Foster a Safe Work Environment

Safety at work is not usually a concern for those employed at an office. Hazards like paper cuts are usually the closest employees come to physical harm. However, it is always a good idea to review safety standards at your job and encourage others to practice safety. Following safety procedures at work can:

  • Prevents accidents that could have been avoided in the first place
  • Ensure quality communication in a time of crisis
  • Develop integrated policies in regards to company safety

Here are some ways you can promote a safer work environment in your office.

Avert Office Accidents

An easy way to promote office safety is to take measures to avoid accidents in the first place. Make sure walkways are clear of debris and wet floors are labeled so your colleagues are cautious when walking on slippery surfaces. Help someone struggling with a heavy box to prevent a fall or back injury. Read this eHow article to learn more about how to avoid accidents at work.

Discuss Emergency Situations

Not only should you consider where exits are in your building, but what is office plan if the worst happens. Review standards with your colleagues for natural disasters and emergencies like fires. The meeting does not have to be long or occur frequently, but having occasional discussions on safety is essential. Preparing for the worst can help you take any precautions and help you to better anticipate the difficulties that can occur in an emergency.

Review Procedures for Injuries at Work

Not only do employees need to be aware of disaster situations, but they should also be prepared about procedures if they are hurt on the job. Worker�s compensation can help employees who are hurt at work get back on their feet. Usually, a company�s human resource department coordinates with the injured employee on compensation and any time they need off to recuperate from injuries.

Companies in many countries like the U.S. are required by law to tell employees their policies and procedures for worker�s compensation situations. Talk to your supervisor or consult your employee manual if you have questions about their policies. A great online resource for safety at work can be found at

Written by M.L. Harris

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