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Adding Contacts in Taskwise

In order to be able to use some of the features and functions of Taskwise like sharing lists & assigning tasks; it is necessary to have somebody to be able to share, email or assign these tasks and lists with.

One way to connect with people that are already on Taskwise is to use the search tool located in the Contact Manager. To find somebody here simply type a name in the search toolbar and a list of names will appear.

If they are not already using Taskwise another way to add contacts it to simply invite friends & co-workers to use Taskwise by email in the Social Feed, under the �invite your friends� title highlighted in blue shown below.

Now once your family, friends & co-workers have accepted your invitation(s) to become part of your contacts on Taskwise you can begin to share & email lists and assign tasks.

Published By: M. Lostracco

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