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Taskwise Professional Edition Now Available!

LONDON, England � July 14th, 2011 -Taskwise Ltd. an innovative world leader in task management software is pleased to announce the release of Taskwise Pro, a major upgrade to it�s online task management solution.

Taskwise Pro introduces powerful new features geared towards the distribution of tasks across large teams on a local and global scale. It delivers a single solution for the workplace that combines task and team management via an easy to use online platform.

Taskwise Pro delivers online, desktop and mobile access and includes dedicated modules for Task, Note and File Management, an advanced user interface, powerful reporting tools the ability to publish tasks across the internet and enterprise level security.

Below you will find some of the functionality available in Taskwise Pro:
Team Management

  • Create and manage large groups of users with ease and access statistics
  • Assign Tasks, lists and documents to users and� easily share files
  • Assign Due tasks in the Outlook iCalendar (.ics file), via email

Note Management
  • Creation of rich text notes to add color, change font sizes and styles
  • Share notes with your contacts, to collaborate on various documents
  • New feature Autotask, which allows you to create tasks out of a note.

File Management
  • Upload any type of file from your computer
  • Download any file to your hard drive
  • Share files with other users and publish them

Reporting and Statistics
  • Sort and organize tasks according to assignment
  • Filters for completed & unassigned tasks, by user and list
  • Social feedback, perfect for monitoring activity across teams at a user level.

Andrius Raila, Product Manager for Taskwise Ltd. shared some insight into the new updates. �The strategy behind Taskwise Pro is to separate itself from the crowd with a powerful offering for professional users that delivers the needs of the workplace and sees Task Management become a part of the stack of tools they use on a daily basis.�

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Taskwise is a world leader in task management software.� Taskwise is used by thousands of companies around the globe to streamline their workflow, gain better insight and visibility into key processes and help employees and employers to accomplish critical tasks.

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