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Taskwise Releases New Social Feed Tool

LONDON, England - April 11th, 2011 - Taskwise Ltd. an innovative world leader in task management software is pleased to announce the latest addition to Taskwise online, the Taskwise Social Feed.

Taskwise Social Feed brings a social element to its current online task management software application, to centralize & keep the most important data in front of the users on a task by task basis across groups & teams.

The new Social Feed permits users to view team members recent activities across shared lists; this includes the latest and most critical tasks listed. Moreover, it gives users a new and unique way to track who is doing what on projects that they are involved in, and grants managers easy access to view daily activity across large global teams facilitating a smoother workflow from one employee to another.
The Social Feed also allows users to quickly review what has been happening while away, changes to new tasks that have been added or completed and who has completed them. The ability to request, accept, and to find friends and colleagues currently on Taskwise or through email if not, allows for these teams and groups of people to easily connect with one another.

CEO Karsten Becker shared his thoughts about Taskwise's new social network tool. "The social feed is used to bring our users closer together to promote the sharing of tasks between not just co-workers, but family and friends as well. The main goal of the Social Feed is to help users track daily activities of the people in which they are collaborating with on Taskwise."
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