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Six Google+ Tips for Businesses

Launched in June 2011 to a limited audience, Google+ (also referred to as Google Plus or G+ in some circles) has grown to a large size in just a short amount of time. In its first two weeks, Google+ boasted 10 million users.

While the platform is still in its infancy, this new social networking tool is useful for individuals wanting to network. But businesses should also get on board with the G+ revolution. Here are six tips that can help your business maximize its reach through using Google+.

1. Develop a solid �About� Page

An empty �About� page can spell disaster for your networking needs. As a business, creating a clear �About� page on Google+ will help others find you and determine in which of their Circles to place your profile.

Perhaps you have one for your business that can also function for Google+. If not, read some of these tips for creating a solid �About� page from marketing writer and consultant Tiffany Silverberg.

2. Utilize Photo Albums

People are visual creatures, and this is especially true on the Internet. Images capture emotions, feelings and actions better than words.

Businesses can use the power of Google+ to display photos of projects, staff and general office life. Assign someone to take a photo each week to be posted on the Google+ page. Using your albums is just one way you can grow your network and show the world your business is more than a corporation; it is ran by people, for the clients they serve.

3. Create and Join Industry-Related Circles Circles are one of the best interactive tools available on Google+. You can add and create your own circles, delete ones you do not use, and search for public circles to follow. Search Google+ for professionals working in your industry to add to your Circles. You never know when that new contact will become an asset to your business! Not sure how to use Circles? Check out Mashable�s Complete Guide to Google+ for tips.

4. Interact Regularly

A concern for anyone using a new social media platform is its staying power. Google+ is no exception. When Michael DeGusta released this chart showing that many of the management staff at Google do not use Google+, it raised many concerns.

As a business using Google+, interaction on the platform is key. This means not only passing along helpful content to your network, but interacting with it as well. Make it a goal for someone in the office to comment weekly with others in Google+.

You may want to alternate who comments, or ask someone that manages social media to do it. Pretty soon, you will find your business engaged in rich discussions and sharing your knowledge with others needing it most.

5. Share Creative Content

In order to have a solid network with other professionals in your industry, businesses must share content of value. Whether you pass along a link to your blog or share other business news, find creative ways to do it. Perhaps a video talking about an upcoming project will be a better approach than a long report.

6. Experiment with Hangouts

Business owners work hard and do not always have time for networking events. With Google+, you can take part in and host your own networking event through Hangouts. Share a presentation with colleagues or have a brief meeting with someone in another state working in your industry using Hangouts. Need inspiration for your Google+ Hangout? Check out these ten creative ways to using Google+ Hangouts.

No matter the size of your business, Google+ is a networking platform you can utilize to meet with other professionals and get your message out into the world.

Written by M.L. Harris

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