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Silversoft Releases Whitepaper on On-Boarding Sales Staff in the Enterprise

Silversoft, a world leader in enterprise task management and training solutions, is pleased to announce that it has released a free whitepaper on the benefits of on-boarding & training sales staff in the enterprise.

Training new employees to assume productive roles within large companies can be costly, time consuming and difficult. There is no facet of the enterprise where the advantages of a streamlined training solution are more evident than in the hiring of new members of the sales-force, where a proficient sales team is an integral part of any company�s success.

In today�s multinational companies, employees work out of multiple offices across the globe, and the key early success is access to information. The company�s knowledge management and training teams generate and translate huge sets of documentation that come with every product release and acquisition. The key is getting this information into the right hands in a timely and accurate manner.

In Enterprise companies, new sales hires typically train for up to four months. An On-Boarding and training solution can shorten that life cycle by delivering the infrastructure employees need to excel in their first few months, rapidly decreasing new hire costs and accelerating the time it takes them to get to revenue.

Behind any visionary advancement is a clearly defined process and a set of tools. This paper advocates bringing new employees on board by means of a systematic, managed approach that utilizes a web-based on-boarding solution that brings governance to large workgroup training procedures.

You can read the entire whitepaper online at

You can also download the pdf for offline access and circulation here

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