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Email tasks to your Taskwise account

When working on your Outlook or any other email client, no matter the device, and you just think of a task you want to include in your lists. You can write it in an email and send it to your Taskwise account. It as easy as that! And both FREE & PRO users of Taskwise can use it.

Now in order to do this use the following steps:

1. Every time you send a task through your email, sent it to [email protected]

2. All tasks sent via email, will be saved in your Taskwise account and will automatically create a new folder called Inbox, which will contain the list of Received Tasks.

Please notice that these steps will be based on the fact of using the same email account that was used to sign up with Taskwise. If you want to use different email accounts all you need to do is follow one simple step in order to validate these other accounts:

Go to your Profile and type the email addresses from which you wish to send the tasks to, located in the section that reads Emails for task sending. Then click on Save profile and your done.

Published by J.Ruiz

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