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About Taskwise

Taskwise LLC is an innovator in the global market for productivity solutions. The company was founded in 2007 and has evolved into a trusted software as a service provider (SaaS). Our products are used by over a hundred thousand people around the globe, both in both small businesses and in some of the world's largest organizations.

We have focused on creating a unique and powerful collaborative platform that is rapidly becoming a key part of the stack of tools people use today. By enabling both people and corporations to streamline their workflow, Taskwise is capable of increasing the efficiency of any processes.

Our core service is delivered over the internet via, a on demand, social task management platform that simplifies the complexity of today's digital lifestyle, at home and in the workplace. By bringing better management and governance to one of the most important areas of a user's workflow, their daily tasks, Taskwise help you to reduce the time and costs associated with getting tasks done.

Taskwise was built on the mantra of being 'easy to use' and yet is extremely powerful. Best of all, we use Taskwise ourselves and work with our users when adding new features and functionality to ensure that it constantly adapts to the changing workplace.

Service and Support

Taskwise is committed to providing fast, responsive support throughout the life-cycle of our products. We believe that quality support should be available to both new and seasoned customers. Whether you represent a large corporation with multiple products or you are an individual home user, we have a support plan that will enable you to get full value from your your investment in our services.