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The Importance of Mid-Year Reviews

Companies and their employees set goals at the beginning of each year with the hope they are met or exceeded as time progresses. Many companies do a self-assessment near the midway point and ask that employees reflect upon their goals. Mid-year reviews can...

  • Affect current and future hiring practices
  • Allow companies to assess what is working – and what needs to be changed
  • Give employees a chance to ask questions, bring up any issues, etc.


How to Manage Mid-Year Reviews

Employees are evaluated closer than ever as this tough economy continues to force companies to compete with each other for consumers.

A 2009 Business Week article reported that “faced with the prospect of further layoffs as profits fall, some bosses are using the interim review to warn of tougher grading policies.” Gone are the days that employees can squeak by with minimal results – your mid-year review has a larger impact on your future at your company!

Employees can prepare for mid-year reviews in a number of ways:

1. Plan Ahead – As the year progresses, self-evaluate your work each month to determine if you are helping fulfill company and personal goals or if you need to change your habits.

Maintaining good work habits will help you when it comes time to meet with your supervisor in the middle of the year.
2. Practice the Review – If you are nervous about the meeting, practice the review with a coworker, friend or family member. Speaking aloud what you have accomplished, what is left for the year and what needs improving will help you feel less anxious during the actual review.
Practice with these mid-year review questions from to get a good idea of what your supervisor may ask you during the review.
3. Evaluate the Company – It is likely after your review is complete your supervisor will ask if you have any questions or comments about the company’s goals. This gives you the opportunity to provide any feedback about projects or patterns you have noticed, which might help your supervisor and his/her associates see an aspect of their work they had not previously.
Giving your opinion or asking questions also shows you are an observant, valuable employee to the company.
While mid-year reviews can be daunting, take them in stride and plan ahead so your review shines! You never know if your assessment will help you land that next big promotion!

Written by M. L. Harris

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