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Silversoft Announces The Release of Taskwise 2.0

(PRWEB) November 6, 2008 -- Silversoft is pleased to announce the release of Taskwise 2.0 (, a major milestone in the development of its Task Management suite. The release includes major enhancements to current features, along with added functionality for both the desktop and online versions of Taskwise.

Taskwise 2.0 brings the power of the network to Taskwise, adding contact management, notes, task & list sharing, and group based chat to the powerful task management features that exist in Taskwise today. It also paves the way for powerful new features such as secure collaboration and group based task-list distribution that will be rolled out in future updates.Taskwise Contacts

Taskwise Contacts is an essential tool for users who are looking to collaborate and share their tasks with their friends, family and colleagues. Built from the ground up as an easy to use contact management system, Taskwise Contacts allows you to quickly and easily start building secure collaborative micro-nets that will help you accomplish your tasks both at work and at home.Taskwise Notes

Taskwise 2.0 introduces Taskwise Notes, a simple and easy way to take notes and then convert them into tasks. Now you have the best of both worlds, the power to manage your lists and the ability to quickly and seamlessly create tasks from your notes!Task & List Sharing

Building on the power of our new contact management system, Taskwise now features task and list sharing. This feature allows you to share your tasks with users in your network*. Power users will enjoy having control over permissions and access controls, allowing them to control who can read, write and delete shared tasks and lists.Taskwise Chat

The Taskwise 2.0 desktop client now includes a powerful communications system, Taskwise Chat, which allows you to communicate with the contacts in your network safely and securely. The Taskwise Chat software also includes support for multi user conferencing and is the perfect tool for task-based collaboration.About Taskwise

Taskwise, a productivity enhancing solution that combines task management, file sharing and communications in a single suite. Taskwise is accessible both online and offline, and provides a simple yet powerful way to manage inter-office workflow. To learn more about Taskwise visit Silversoft

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